The EHS shorttrackblades is the result of a cooperation of three companies; Campbell Speed, Hagen Techniek and Kromkamp Steel. By combining experience and knowledge of everyone's expertise, together we make top quality shorttrackblades for several Olympic champions and world record holders. 


Derrick Campbell is responsible for design, development and promotion. With his experience as national top shorttrackcoach for several countries and former Olympic Champion he translates the feeling of the athletes to the producer of the tubes.


Jacco Kromkamp takes care of the PM and bi-metal runners. He is very experienced in making the best runners; for many years he has cared for the surface grinding of the blades of almost every Olympic and World Champion of the last years. As former longtrackskater he nows the importance of superb material.


Edward Hagen is the owner of machine factory Hagen Techniek; He has been making all top-shorttracktubes for over 10 years. Almost all tubes of Olympic and world champions come from the factory of Edward. He is responsible for the CNC milling of the tubes and cups. As a former marathonskater, he has always been looking for improvements in material to performe on a higher level.

Made by skaters for skaters

The EHS short track collection has 4 different top models. FTCS, QCS, JaeBee and the ACS. But which model suits you best? Do you want a blade that is very stiff and therefore gives a lot of counter pressure or do you want a blade that is less stiff? The tube also has a lot of influence on how long the bend stays in it.

The most flexible model in the EHS line is the FTCS. FT stands for "Flat top". The QCS and the FTCS have exactly the same lips and would therefore give the same steering on the ice. The QCS only has a higher top. This ensures that the QCS becomes stiffer and the bend stays in it longer.

The JaeBee, the latest in the EHS line, has an even thinner lip than the QCS and FTCS. This ensures that the runner becomes slightly more flexible. But we left even more material at the top. The top becomes a lot stiffer. The skating properties can be well influenced by using your own bend. De bend will remain good at it for a long time.

The ACS is the stiffest model in the EHS short track line. The ACS has a lot of material at the lips, which gives it a very stiff and reliable feel. The ACS remains extremely stiff, sprinters and heavy skaters will like the ACS very much. Partly because there is a lot of material at the lips, the bend stays in it for a long time. We did make the top flat just like the FTCS. We do this because otherwise he will become "too" stiff.


Most Flex

Lot of material,

almost no suspension 

Small angle,

thin lips






Most Flex

Flat top

Little material for extra stiffnes

stiffest top









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Bij ons werken voornamelijk mensen die zelf al jaren schaatsen of op hoog niveau geschaatst hebben. EHS;  Schaatsen gemaakt door schaatsers voor schaatsers!

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